Seventh Street Wine Company

I recently made a trip to Seventh Street Wine Company located here in Fort Lauderdale at SE 7th St and US-1. It was a fun opportunity to try a handful of different wines and not have to pay for a … Continue reading

Welcome to 4 Foodistas

Here on 4 Foodistas, I want to share with you different things that I make for myself and others.  Some are personal recipes I make up myself and some are recipes I get from other sources (I’ll always let you know where).  I also want to share interesting articles, places, and products that are food related.  I focus on fresh ingredients with little processed foods.  I believe that is important, now more than ever, with so many processed foods out there.  Not only is eating fresh and natural good for you, but it tastes better than canned foods or pre-made alternatives.  All foodistas should enjoy.

One Disclaimer:  Most of my recipes do not have exact measurements because I don’t really measure anything.  These recipes are for experimental cooks or people who already cook.