About Me


If you know me, you know I love food.  I wasn’t always into cooking but I’ve always been into eating.  Since before I can even remember, I’ve been surrounded by amazing cooks.

My Grandpa Ralph, who was from Barbados, used to make all kinds of seafood dishes, chicken, and meats.  For his smoked chicken- he would wake up early in the morning to go out to the grill and start the cooking; he would smoke the chicken for the ENTIRE day, and at the end of the day we would all enjoy the most savory, melt in your mouth chicken we ever had (well at least since the last time he made it).  Fortunately, when my grandpa passed away my family held onto a lot of his recipes and cooking techniques.

My grandpa would never tell anyone the entire recipe for his catfish, except my Aunt Debbie.  She makes the best catfish.  I’m sure he saved different cooking secrets for different children.  My Uncle Ralphie makes the best Caribbean chopped salad- he knows the perfect amount of lime and jalapeno to put in.  My mom picked up a lot of cooking skills, I KNOW, everyone says their mom is the best cook, well my mom really is.  And my step-dad, Jack he is a GREAT cook.  He is probably the most critical person (besides a restaurant owner) I’ve ever met when it comes to their own cooking.  But even when Jack thinks his cooking is bad, it still tastes great.  Soooo….


Long story short, I moved to college, a couple years later I lived in my own house with a kitchen and was eager to learn how to cook.  Turkey and Bacon sandwiches, pizza, and pasta weren’t cutting it.  Well who am I kidding, bacon never really left my top 5 favorite food groups until I became a vegetarian (technically, pescatarian).

Fast forward to November 2011, and I decided I wanted to be a vegetarian while living in Argentina (meat capitol of the world) I know it sounds weird…but its true.  I had had enough carne.  Since November 2011, I’ve been meat free, except seafood (sorry little fishies and sebastians) I can’t get enough sea critters.

I love wine and food especially when shared with great people and I love using fresh ingredients as much as possible, so I can showcase the wonderful things that mother nature has put on this planet.


I’m an artist and the kitchen is my canvas.


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