I was in Palm Beach last weekend and had to make a trip to Relish, a burger place that was in the running for best burger last year.  They have some interesting choices, like Buffalo, shrimp, or lobster burger!  They also have vegetarian options like black bean and mushroom burgers.  Everything is a la carte…you choose your meat (cheese is extra) and sauce that goes on top.  You can also choose what kind of salt you want for your fries, should you choose to order any. I was so overwhelmed by the sauce options, there were about 20 choices so ultimately I played it safe, but next time I’ll try something crazy.

I ordered a black bean burger with avocado and a side of sweet potato fries with sea salt.  The burger was delicious, my only complaint is that the burger fell apart very easy so I definitely needed a fork to eat it, but it was still awesome!

The other two people I was with got ‘regular’  burgers.

Ceenan got a beef burger topped with sweet and smokey bacon, which is bacon tossed in a sweet jam and a side of fries with the cajun seasoning.

He also got a salted caramel milkshake….absolutely amazing.

Andrew got a buffalo burger topped with brie and drunken onions (sweet onions slow cooked in beer).

We also shared the fried mac n cheese.  This could of been a little cheesier for me but it was still great!

Overall, not my favorite place but I would give it a B.  I’ll definitely go there again and try something else.  Andrew said it was the best burger place he’s been to in South Florida and this guy knows his burgers.


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