Larabar is made in Denver, CO, of course it is, one more reason why we LOVE Denver!  Each Larabar is made with no more than 9 ingredients and is vegan, kosher, GMO free, and contains no dairy, gluten, or soy.

These bars are delicious in my opinion, however if you’re used to a granola bar that’s high in sugar (probably high fructose corn syrup) and artificial ingredients you may not like these at first.  But give them a chance.  I’ve only had the apple pie and it’s tastey.  Last weekend I was super excited to try the chocolate chip brownie and I guess I was too excited because I opened the package and it flew out, onto the floor.  Normally, I’m all for the 5 second rule, but I was at the Miami Beach Convention Center…No thanks.  Try them for yourself!



2 thoughts on “LÄRABAR

  1. hahaha five second rule always works for me!
    do you have any opinion on Clif bar? I usually eat those just because my dad is a big fan. so far by looking on the label i am aware that there are many more than 9 ingredients though…

  2. yeah I love Clif bars too! They also use non-GMO ingredients and are mostly organic (70%). I currently have the chocolate brownie flavor as well as their all natural protein bars, Builder’s, in chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint. Which have 20g of protein in each bar!

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