Ok, sensitive subject…Genetically Modified foods (GMO) or Genetically  Engineered (GE), they’re the same thing, and they’re BAD for you.  Your body doesn’t recognize these fundamentally altered substances and the result is damage to your body.  Many studies have found that they can lead to reproductive problems and cancer.  And it’s not easy to avoid GMO’s, most of our corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets are genetically modified.  Have you ever looked on a label?  I can guarantee you at least one ingredient is made with one or more of these items.  Unless your food contains a label that says there are no GMO products or you grow it yourself, there is no way to insure that you are eating non-GMO.

Monsanto even introduced GMO alfalfa sprouts and I read that they successfully made GE Salmon, even after Congress told them they were not allowed to spend their funds on such a project.  Let’s hope none of us are eating that!

Monsanto is the leading producer of genetically engineered seeds and is basically taking over the globe with their deadly seeds and forcing farmers to switch form their non-GMO seeds to round up ready seeds.  I don’t want to rant, so make an informed decision:

Here’s an article about Monsanto:

Everyone knows that CEO’s at major corporations also hold major government positions, this is, not surprisingly, true for Monsanto.  This is why they are able to get away with so much.

Here is a great documentary from HULU: The Future of Food

If you live in Michigan, fight Senate Bill 777.


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